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Yoga, Meditation and Massage in Your Villa in Marbella



Private Yoga Marbella, Meditation, Breathwork and Healing Massage, all in the comfort of your home or villa. Our standard? An experience of harmony, beauty and bliss.

Enliven and transform your body and mind with flowing postures, breathing, meditation and healing massage and feel amazing for the rest of your day.


Enjoy quality time for yourself with our custom designed and transformative spaces in which you can experience the wellness you deserve.

Create positive impact and transform the world with each of your experiences with us as we plant trees across the globe for every one of your appointments.

Satyam Śivam Sundaram

Our philosophy comes from an ancient balinese hindu belief called Satyam Sivam Sundaram. This means that for something to bring value into your life, there must be an element of harmony, bliss and beauty within that experience. This is the guiding principle and standard we use for all of our Yoga Wellness Experiences.

Custom Designed Especially For You



Yoga Experiences meticulously crafted especially for you – offering you more freedom, flexibility and time effective solutions for your health, fitness and wellbeing. Enjoy sacred spaces in which you can be free, expand your wellness and enhance your passion for life.

Private Yoga Marbella


Complete private yoga and meditation experiences in your home or villa, customised especially for you.

Group Yoga Marbella


Private group yoga and meditation experiences in your villa, for family and friend get togethers or private events.

Yoga Marbella


Our signature combination of Shiatsu, Reiki, Balinese and Thai massage for deeply relaxing the body and mind.

Yoga Marbella


Three days of yoga, breathwork and meditation to start each day of your visit to Marbella in flying form.

Yoga Marbella


Therapeutic yoga, breathwork, meditation, massage and energy healing to transform your body and mind.

Yoga Marbella


Private group yoga and massage experiences in your villa, for get togethers, hen parties or private events.

Frequently Asked Questions

A Yoga Wellness Service is an on demand private service which provides transformative yoga, breathing practices, meditation and massage in the privacy of your home or villa.

Yogalux is a combination of two words: Yoga, a profound and time tested practice of natural wellness, and Lux, the root of the word Luxury in english, and the word Lakshmī in sanskrit, the goddess of abundance, health, wellness and quality of life.

A Yoga Wellness Experience is 90 – 105 minutes wherein we start by creating a sacred space in your home with candles, incense and ambient music. You will then be guided through transformative yoga movements, special breathing practices and powerful meditation techniques. With some Experiences you will also receive a signature combination of Shiatsu, Reiki, Balinese and Thai massage to help complete your experience of natural wellness. The sacred space of the experience is finally brought to a close with our signature Ayurvedic Healing Tea.

We teach a dynamic and transformative combination of Vinyāsa Yoga, ancient Hatha Yoga and Balinese Yoga. Our classes cover all aspects of physical postures, breathing practices and meditation.

Yogalux Private Membership is a full Yoga Wellness Service at your home or villa. With this you receive a complimentary hour long wellness interview, personally designed experiences, a yoga wellness guide in your home twice per week and continuous guidance and support. You can apply for private membership here.

Yes we do! We plant trees for every experience you have with us. We also plant trees for the use of our website, keeping it a net zero site, and we plant trees for the driving and all the other activities we do each month in Yogalux to make sure we have zero carbon footprint on the planet, and that our service is 100% sustainable.



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Premium Yoga Marbella. Individual and Group Yoga Classes in Marbella Custom Designed for You. Private Yoga Marbella in Your Villa.