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Private Membership



In this exclusive Private Membership package, you will start by receiving an hour long complimentary Yoga Wellness interview in your home. We then co-design with you your personal schedule and completely customised experiences focusing on your personal needs and goals. We then guide you through your 90 minute Yoga Wellness experiences twice per week in your home, supporting you continuously in your new yoga and wellness lifestyle.

Private Membership is ideal for the discerning student who would like to lead a truly healthy lifestyle, have new wellness experiences and enhance their personal power and vitality in a dynamic and natural manner.


1 Hour Wellness Interview

Each membership includes a complementary Yoga Wellness Interview in your home

Personalised Plans

Each month your Wellness Experiences will be completely personalised to your goals, wants and needs

Private Yoga Instruction

All experiences include private yoga instruction and guidance with your own personal trained yoga expert

Therapeutic Breathwork

Each experience includes Pranayama breathing practices to change and transform your body and mind

Meditation Guidance

Learn to quiet your thoughts, control your mind and calm your emotions with each Yoga Wellness Experience

Transformational Massage

Each week you will enjoy our signature blend of Shiatsu, Balinese and Thai Massage for total transformation

Reiki Hands On Healing

You will also enjoy Reiki hands on energy healing for a meditative and gentle approach to natural wellness

Ayurvedic Healing Teas

Each Experience will end with our signature Ayurvedic tea to leave you feeling refreshed and energised

Continual Support

You will have our continual support each week during your membership to help you on your wellness journey