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Private Yoga in Marbella And Why You Should Do It

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Private Yoga in Marbella

Yoga, a once slightly marginal interest, has now become one of the defining characteristics of a Marbella lifestyle. Here, there are yoga classes absolutely everywhere. In the warmer months you can’t even walk for more than 5 minutes in Marbella without tripping over a yoga class occurring somewhere on the beach. But with heightened demand unfortunately arises the faltering of quality. Because of this Marbellas residents began looking for something more than just sporadic yoga classes on the beach or crowded classes in small rooms.

From this desire, private yoga in Marbella began to grow in popularity. As more skilled teachers have appeared on the scene, more and more people have been switching to this beneficial way of learning yoga and cultivating wellness. Private Yoga in Marbella has evolved from a side service offered at some yoga centres for serious practitioners, to an in demand premium service that has become an integral part of Marbellas discerning residents preferred lifestyle.

In this blog, I am going to explain why private yoga in Marbella is definitely something you should be doing if you live in or are visiting this beautiful part of the Costa Del Sol. Apart from the obvious benefits of greater flexibility, stronger more toned muscles and calmer mind and emotions, there are 3 amazing benefits you will definitely get when you take private yoga classes in your home or villa in Marbella:

1. You Feel Way More Relaxed

Although some yoga centres are nice, lets face it, your home is your space and is set up and designed for your comfort. Its the place in which you feel safe and at home, which will help you to relax and enjoy your class more. And if you had anything to do with the design or decoration of your house, its going to be way cooler and more comfortable than a yoga centre. 

That being said, sometimes going to a yoga centre is fun, especially when you get to practice with others and meet other people and socialise a bit. But really there are many other better ways to socialise and meet people in Marbella and sometimes others in the class can be quite distracting when you want to focus on you, your practice and your wellness.

2. You Get More Personalised Attention

This is probably the number one, way most important benefit you receive when doing private yoga classes in Marbella your home or villa. Learning yoga in a group class environment means that the teacher must divide their attention between all of the students, and if there are any students in the class who are more in need of help, you may receive little to no feedback or help with your progress.

In a private yoga class on the other hand, the teacher is there solely for you and your progress alone. A skilled private yoga teacher will completely personalise your class to your personal goals and will give you constant help and feedback during the entirety of the class. This personalised attention in a private yoga class is truly priceless, especially if the yoga teacher is skilled in their craft, because it means you will get much greater benefits and deepen your practice quicker in each of your classes.

3. Your Post Class Bliss Lasts Longer

That post class yoga bliss that we all get from a good yoga class, can at times not fare too well in the face of the stress and noise of everyday life outside of the home. Moreover, the stress and responsibility of travelling and driving your car can greatly reduce your yogic bliss before and after class as well as eat up important time during your day.

Private yoga in Marbella allows you to take your class and create an experience in your own space, allowing you to feel and enjoy your post class bliss, and take that blissed out yoga smile with you for the rest of the day.

Starting Private Yoga in Marbella

If you are looking to start private yoga in Marbella feel free to explore all of the private yoga experiences we offer. Each of our experiences are custom designed especially for you, giving you more freedom to expand your wellness and enjoy the wonderful benefits of a regular yoga practice.