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Yoga in Marbella: 5 Best Places to Practice in Style

Yoga in Marbella is Amazing

When I talk about how much I love doing yoga in Marbella, my friends usually react with complete surprise. Many of them, who do not know Marbella, seem to think it is simply a place where people with flashy cars go to hang out on yachts all day. What they don’t realise is that Marbella is so much more than that and actually has a lot of places where one can do yoga.

 The time I have spent here has shown me what a truly beautiful place the Costa Del Sol is, and Marbella in particular, for its well-known mix of natural charm, luxurious elegance, and quality of life. It is natural that something as amazing as yoga should thrive here.


Top Destination for Yoga in The World

Spain, especially Marbella, has been recognised as one of the top yoga destinations in the world. This is completely understandable with its warm weather, beautiful beaches, and amazing food. Marbella has warm, gorgeous weather the majority of the year and is a prime place to do yoga.

 In the summer here, you can’t help but notice the abundant plethora of yoga classes on almost every beach. It is also a perfect destination for yoga retreats and yoga teacher trainings, where you can immerse yourself completely in the practice of yoga far from the stressful life of the urban city environment.

Some of The Best Yoga in Marbella

In the time I have spent doing yoga in Marbella, I have found some really great places and teachers with whom to practice. The best part about yoga in Marbella is all the luxurious places in which you can practice yoga. Here follow are the top 5 places I have found for practicing yoga in style:

Yoga in Marbella

Six Senses

Did you know in Marbella you can actually do yoga in a spa? The spa experience is to relax, renew ourselves, and treat ourselves to a day of absolute chill. I am not sure why it wasn’t thought of before, because yoga is a great complement to this. Hydrotherapy, hammams, nice-smelling towels, and all sorts of relaxing massages are things everyone should try at least once in their lives.

Six Senses Spa is based in the well-known luxury resort of Puente Romano, located in Bulevar Prince Alfonso von Hohenlohe. The spa itself is situated in a beachfront setting on the Costa del Sol between Marbella and Puerto Banus and offers all sorts of treatments from highly skilled local therapists and alternative medicine practitioners.

Puente Romano was actually built in 1974 as a set of exclusive apartment complexes by German-Spanish Royal Prince Alfonso Von Hohenlohe, owner of the Marbella Club Hotel. Mr. Mouaffak Al Midani, a long-term fan and visitor to Marbella, eventually acquired the property and transformed it into a luxury hotel in 1979, which eventually incorporated the Six Senses spa into its resort.

The Six Senses is equipped with a welcome lounge and retail area, six treatment rooms, a hammam, hydrotherapy facilities, an indoor swimming pool, and a hotub. They offer everything from oxygen treatments to herbal scrubs and all sorts of holistic-based massages. For those who would like to splash out on themselves and would like to incorporate yoga into their super spa day in Marbella, this is the place to go.

Yogalux Marbella

One of the recent growing trends in the world of yoga in Marbella is having the yoga teacher actually come to you. It does make complete sense that this would become so popular and in style; there really is no better place than your own personal space to practice yoga. No travel time, no crowds, and no hassle. This is why Yogalux is one of my absolute favorites on this list.

Yogalux is based in the prestigious Golden Mile and offers individual and group yoga experiences in homes, beaches and villas in the areas of Marbella, Puerto Banus, Benahavis, Nueva Andalucia, and Sierra Blanca. They offer various types of private yoga packages, which include yoga, meditation, breath work, and massage, as well as their very popular private group yoga package.

Yogalux was founded and is run by Séafra Yogisvara, an international yoga teacher, meditation expert and ex-monk who has been teaching group and private yoga for over 30 years in Spain, France, the US, Ireland and Bali. A specialist in Hatha Yoga, Vinyasa Yoga and Meditation, Séafra´s classes are profoundly transformative and therapeutic. He and his team are some of the most skilled teachers I have ever taken class with.

They start by creating an amazing space for you with candles, incense, and ambient music. You are then led through various flowing series of movements, different breathing techniques, calming meditation, and, with some packages, their signature healing massage. Each class even ends with a yummy home-brewed ayurvedic tea. They are a completely eco-friendly business; even their mats are sustainable. They also plant trees across the planet every time you book with them, which is another reason why they are my all-time favorite. If you would like personalised yoga, meditation, or massage in the comfort of your villa, this is definitely for you.

Yoga in Marbella

Rachels Eco Love

Marbella is so cool, you can even do yoga in a cafe. And why not? A healthy lifestyle includes exercise, yoga, meditation, and, of course, good food. Tasty food is an important part of Marbella’s residents healthy lifestyles and has always been an important part of a good yoga practice.

Rachel’s Eco Love, also located on the luxurious Puente Romano Resort, offers all kinds of food fit for a yogi; healthy bowls, breakfasts, juices, smoothies, sandwiches, wraps, and even cocktails. And most importantly, they have yoga+brunch, where you get to do some morning yoga near the beach and a bit of brunch afterwards.

Rachel’s Eco Love was started by Raquel Zamora, a well-known Marbella entrepreneur and owner of Milk & Roses on the Golden Mile, the restaurant 11.11 Societe, and the Lagom! Cafe in the Puente Romano tennis club. She has been opening and running businesses here in Marbella for many years and is known for her love and passion for healthy eating.

Rachel’s Eco Love hosts these yoga+brunches plus barre+brunches and bootcamp+brunches just about every month. They start at 8:30 in the morning with movement and fun for about 60–90 minutes, ending with a healthy brunch to start your day. These yoga+brunches are always fully booked and full of healthy food, so if you’re looking for some morning yoga followed by brunch, this is the place for you.

Yoga in Marbella

Ushna Yoga

Marbella also offers the good old traditional option for yoga—just going to a center. Before all the different yoga options we have today, there was the yoga center. The once ubiquitous and, to be perfectly honest, only way to practice yoga is still a great way to find a class in your schedule and get your yoga on.

Ushna Yoga Center is located in Nueva Andalucia, about 15 minutes by car from the center of Marbella. Ushna, which means hot in Sanskrit, is a hot yoga center that offers 60–90-minute yoga as well as pilates classes in a heated room. This yoga center uses heat in their classes to help make the muscles more relaxed and malleable, helping the body stretch deeper into yoga poses.

Ushna was founded and is directed by Martina O´Donnell, a specialist in Hot Yoga who is also co-founder of Yoga Travelers with Esak García. This friendly and enthusiastic malagueña has been a certified yoga teacher since 2010, and because of her innate passion for traveling, she has practiced different styles of yoga around the world.

Ushna Yoga offers various classes each day, Monday through Saturday. Their main focus is Hot Yoga, but they also offer Pilates, Barre, Yin Yoga, Strala Yoga, Hatha Yoga, HIIT, Anusara Yoga and Fit Dance. So if you are looking to practice in a center with lots of variety to choose from, this is definitely the center for you.

Marbella Club

Although most places in Marbella use Yogalux for personalised yoga experiences, Marbella Club also offers its own in-house yoga services. Even when we are traveling for pleasure, taking planes and trains can be tiresome, so doing yoga while you are staying at a hotel is also another way to practice in style and keep your body and mind balanced while traveling.

Marbella Club is also located on the Golden Mile near old town Marbella and Puerto Banús. In the hotel, they offer all sorts of therapeutic spa treatments, wellness packages, nutrition, fitness, pilates, and, of course, yoga. They have various different lifestyle packages on offer, such as Mediterranean lifestyle, optimal fitness, energy, and getting beach ready.

The origins of the Marbella Club have their origins in the family of the eccentric aristocrat and Marquis Ricardo Soriano, who fell in love with Marbella after hearing about it and decided to buy a finca. Later in 1947, his son Prince Alfonso bought a holiday retreat for his family in Marbella and eventually transformed it into a beautiful luxury hotel, which opened its doors in 1954.

Marbella Clubs explains its ethos as having four cornerstones: Wellbeing, Spa, Nutrition, and Fitness. The hotel includes a holistic studio with lime-washed walls and oak floors, naturopath nutritionists, organic gardens, and spa facilities with a seawater pool, all in a tranquil beachside setting. If you are looking to do your yoga in a luxurious hotel, this is the place for you.

Yoga In Marbella is for Everyone

Yoga in Marbella is an experience that offers not only physical benefits but also a sense of mental and emotional wellbeing. With its beautiful surroundings, rich culture, and welcoming community, practicing yoga in Marbella is an experience that you definitely won’t forget. Whether you’re a seasoned yogi or just starting your yoga journey, Marbella has something to offer everyone. So, if you are planning a visit to this beautiful part of Spain, schedule yourself the time to immerse yourself in the world of yoga in Marbella. Trust me, your mind, body, and soul will thank you.