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Here at Yogalux Marbella we plant trees across the globe for every booking you make, allowing you to create change and develop a completely sustainable practice.

The Power of Yoga

In 16th century Bali there once lived two powerful yoga masters who were both asked to perform a sacred fire ceremony for the king. The first was the elder yogi, so he went first, setting up his fire ceremony in an open field. He then sat and meditated within the fire, withstanding the flames, demonstrating his yogic power to transform himself through his practice. 

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Creating Change

The second, younger yogi then set up his fire ceremony under a tree. He then sat to perform his yogic meditation in the center of the fire, also withstanding the flames and demonstrating his power to transform himself. But as the flames began to rise into the the tree, the elder yogi noticed that the flames were not burning the branches or harming the animals living in the tree. 

Transform The World

He then realised the younger yogi was actually more powerful than him, for through his yoga practice he not only transformed himself, but also the world around him. From his yoga practice, trees began to grow, fruit and flowers began to blossom and the island experienced a period of fertility and abundance. It is from the inspiration of this balinese legend that our “yoga for trees” booking system was born.

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Sustainable Yoga

Your Positive Impact

Our mission is to empower you to have a truly sustainable practice and a positive impact on the world every time you practice yoga and improve your own level of wellness. After each of your Yoga Experiences with Yogalux we plant trees in your name and send you an email with your trees, their species, where they have been planted and how many tonnes of c02 they are capturing, so you can see in real time the positive impact you are having every time you practice yoga with us.