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With over 50 years of collective experience, our Yoga teachers at Yogalux are dedicated to helping individuals and groups in Marbella who are passionate about creating positive change in their lives with an on-demand, Yoga Wellness service that provides all the key practices for a healthy and vibrant life. 

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Head Yoga wellness expert

International Yoga and Meditation Teacher, Séafra has been teaching group and private yoga for over 30 years in Spain, France, the US, Ireland and Bali. Being a specialist in Hatha, Vinyāsa and Balinese yoga techniques, Séafra´s style of teaching is focused on the profound transformative and therapeutic power of yoga. He has also spent years studying yoga, massage and healing techniques with balinese shamans, healers and priests and is a professional masseuse and Shinpiden master level Reiki practitioner and teacher.

Séafra has spent much of his younger years as a buddhist monk and has also spent over 15 years training as a hindu high priest to further deepen his understanding of yoga, meditation and its impact on our physical and mental health and wellbeing. He has also spent over a decade leading transformational yoga retreats in Bali creating profound experiences for students from across the globe.

Yoga Teachers


Yoga wellness expert

800h Certified Yoga Teacher, Alison has been teaching yoga for the past 18 years. She has trained in various styles of yoga including Hot Yoga, Ashtānga Yoga and Transformative Vinyāsa Yoga and was one of Europes competing Āsana champions. Alison is also a long term meditation practitioner and she has done over 6 intensive retreats in Bali to deepen her understanding of the transformative effects of yoga and meditation. Alison is also a Massage Practitioner as well as a Shoden level 1 Reiki Practitioner.

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yoga wellness expert

500h Certified Yoga Teacher, Cecilia has been teaching yoga for over 10 years. She has trained extensively in the therapeutic techniques of Transformative Vinyāsa Yoga and has travelled to Bali 4 times on training retreats to deepen her understanding of the practical applications of the physical as well as internal aspects of these practices. She is a dedicated meditation practitioner as well as a successful amateur figure skater. Cecilia is also a Massage Practitioner and an Okuden level 2 Reiki Practitioner.


Our philosophy comes from an ancient balinese hindu belief called Satyam Sivam Sundaram. This means that for something to bring value into your life, there must be an element of harmony, bliss and beauty within that experience. This is the guiding principle and standard we use for all of our Yoga Wellness Experiences.

Some Experiences We Offer



We offer Yoga Wellness Experiences which use the transformative and therapeutic benefits of yoga, meditation, transformative breathwork, healing and massage.  Our custom designed Experiences are immersive experiences to deepen and expand your sense of wellness and transform your body and mind.


90 minutes of movement, postures, breath and meditation to enliven and transform your body mind.

Yoga Marbella - Group Yoga


Fully immersive yoga and meditation classes to create unforgettable experiences for your group event.